The life utility of the rock bit arrives to an end for the failure of its sharp structure or for the failure of its structure of bearings (or of both simultaneously).
In any case, the first component that fails, makes it unusable . It is therefore, that our company solely makes an integral, meticulous reconditioning process, made by personnel highly enabled and expert.

1) The dismantle stage:
We do it without destroying any part of the rock bit, practicing three cuts in longitudinal sense, by the respective planes of union (original fillet welds). Soon, each cone is disassembled of its respective support, undressing the conduit of balls and extracting the same ones.

2) The inspection thoroughly of each one of the parts, detecting the possible fissures by procedures that allow to visualize them. This inspection determines the discarding of the components that represent the smaller fissure or imperfection.

3) The rebuilt proces in itself has several aspects:

Metalized with steel (equal to the original one) and rectified of the tracks of balls and rollers in each cone and each support, with machine-tools, until we can reach the tolerances of mechanized habits.
Reconstruction of the teeth one by one, with steel (equal to the original one) and covering with hard metal. The work atmosphere is cooled and with controlled temperature to avoid undesirable heatings.
Replacement of elements like balls, rollers detents, and retaining ring (in "jets"), are discarded directly and replaced by original of factory.
Lubrication after a control and thorough cleaning of the circulation channels, recovers the level of reserve with original special grease.Also the zones of the tracks of bearings are covered with grease.
Conduits "Jet", control, cleaning and positioning of o-rings and retaining ring are made.
  • The assemble: the new balls, rollers and detents are placed in the respective tracks. Each cone in its respective support mounts and the conduit of balls is
    covered, it verifies the perfect turn of the cones and the absolute
    absence of axial game. Soon a fillet weld is applied (in the same way that when
    they are made) in each one of the three planes of union
    that we had cut, and finally, the thread is metalized
    according to API norms.
  • Caliber: The rock bit takes to the diameter or original caliber metalizing and covering with hard metal, to avoid the premature "loss of caliber". This operation also is made in cooled atmosphere. Finally it is controlled with calibers API, "it pass” and "it fails" that the specifications are fulfilled according to standard 7.

4) Quality control: Our company makes an internal mark in all the rock bits, that makes us possible to detect and to reject the that already he has been rebu once. The reconditioned rock bit must fulfill all the tests and requirements, to receive the approval certificate. The manual of quality, according to API specifications, was made for our company by the INTI



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