To achieve the excellence in solutions for mining, petroleum and water perforation, and other rock bits applications; with the commitment to obtain the best yield for the client and the shareholder.

To be leaders in the country in supplying the perforation industry, to obtain leadership in costs and prices, to approach solutions for the client.


TREPANOS SRL was founded on the city of Neuquén, (Patagonia) in 1980 by the present partners and CEOs of the company, the industrial engineers Federico Stegmann and Patricio Nuñez.

Initially, we started repairing rock bits brought by the clients, mostly in great measures, for oil and water drilling.

We went on, investigating, testing and perfecting each single step of the integral repairing process, counting for that, with our own laboratories, the contribution of foreign manufacturers and the qualified intervention of the INTI (National Institute of Industrial technology).

The activity became to extend from Neuquén towards the other oil fields in Argentina and later to the neighboring countries.

The permanent tests were made in all types of land of Argentina and Brazil, as much in earth as in the sea.

Today, we can say with joy, that we have overcome the comprehensible initial doubt, through the concrete and repeated demonstration.

We already delivered more than 5000 integrally reconditioned rock bits with our exclusive process, offering a really comparable performance to the new ones. This is verifiable in the information of our clients and our statistical control.

Nowadays, we have an important stock of new, rebuilt (as new) and surplus rock bits, in mostly all brands and models, ranging in sizes from 1/8´´ trough 36´´, in both tungsten carbide insert type bits and milled tooth type bits. Trépanos SRL´s line of products includes both open bearing bits and sealed bearing bits. Most models are available in designs for either regular circulation or jet circulation with replaceable nozzles.

Today, for greater comfort of the clients, the spare part is not necessary and you can acquire the rock bits already reconditioned, to anyone of our representatives.

COMMERCIAL OFFICE: San Martin 683, 3°p. of. 43 - Capital Federal, zip code (1004AAM)
Tel: (54) 011-43110840 / (54) 0299-154605064
email: info@trepanos.com.ar

INDUSTRIAL PLANT: Rio Negro 1218, Neuquén. Zip code (8300)
Tel: (54) 0299-4430444-4437261